Week 6

This week we discussed data structures further, and considered the data flow of the system - for instance, to be able to move characters we need to know their path type, their (x, y) tuple, whether the destination contains an item (as this may change animations or mechanics), etc.

We also had some fervent discussions about sizing of our boards - I argued for consistency in size, while my partner thought the size should be variable dependent on the board size. These ideas could be balanced by maintaining a constant board size, which I am hoping we can implement in our level design.

The welcome screen design was also up to debate - we have one or two options which are similar, but different enough that they were up to contention. We will decide on one soon.

We decided officially to nest lists to design our levels. The levels will be lists of rows, which are lists of squares; each square will consist of a path type at [0], character or guard at [1] and button or goal at [2], with blanks = 0. The following sample code (ish) demonstrates how we could implement this:

The programming of each (x, y) tuple would be based on its location in the level, but we will decide on this design aspect a little bit later on.


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