Week 5

This week my partner (Liam) and I began implementation by discussing the types of data structures we'll be using in our program, as well as data flow throughout. We came up with a basic structure which goes thus:
- Assigning numbers to elements
- Partial definition of certain mechanics
- Level definition as triple nested lists
- Grouping of levels in ordered and indexable data type (list)
- Game initialisation: Main menu, level selection
- Levels: characters, then items, then guards in order of priority.

We started writing basic code which gives us a bit of an idea of what sort of basic methods we can use to implement mechanics, and came up with the following mix of python and a python version of pseudocode:

This basic programming requires little knowledge of pygame, as it is all about the mechanics of our game. This is ideal, as it gives us more time to learn to use pygame while still making progress on our designs. We will continue to develop this over the coming weeks. I also worked on pygame tutorials throughout the week.


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